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My formal education is a B.Sc. Computer Science, 1989, from the University of Calgary.


I have been programming professionally for 30 years; over 20 years specifically in real-time industrial control and communications.

Hewlett-Packard; Globally deployed SCADA infrastructure.

Designed, developed and improved significant components of the RTAP SCADA platform. This product is used globally in the monitoring and control of traffic systems, oil pipelines, offshore drilling platforms, etc. Applied DFA (Deterministic Finite Automata) state machines to real-time control of large, distributed systems.

Enbridge Pipelines; Continent-wide secure communications infrastructure.

Designed and implemented the communications system used to monitor and control the over 20,000 km of pipeline, including hundreds of remote pump stations and storage facilities. Architected an entirely novel, cryptographically secure multi-route IP communications framework, using Reed-Solomon FEC (Forward Error Correction) and Fountain Codes, to allow transparent redundancy and failure over multiple IP routes, while maintaining strict determinism over remote commands and telemetry.

Thermodynamic system modeling and simulation.

Implemented novel thermal storage and control systems, used in advanced residential heating systems. Using low cost sensor networks, implemented real-time thermodynamic simulation of the target system, providing access to many "simulated" sensors, where only a few input sensors were affordable/possible.

Traditional Industrial Control.

Implemented plant-floor control and monitoring using traditional PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) I/O. Hundreds of high-voltage I/O, implemented for the client with no external royalties payable. This is very significant for clients wishing to implement systems they can resell; most system integrators depend on off-the-shelf SCADA systems, exposing their clients to high per-system royalties, payable on every unit they sell. This is unacceptable for high-volume industrial products.


Research & Development in traditional (global-consensus) and novel (agent-centric, algorithmically stable, …) cryptocurrency systems.